by VI, sistarsix@gmail.com Issue XXIV What you perceive is what you receive “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one,” Albert Einstein. If you control what people read, view or listen to, you control what people believe. If you control what people believe you control how people behave. Take a dodgy 1970s social experiment... Continue Reading →

Community Meals

Special thanks for sponsorship from Brett Ravelich MondayBreakfast: Auckland City Mission (ACM), *11 Union Street, 8:30am - 11am *Dinner: Everybody Eats, St Kevins Arcade,*183 K' Rd, 6pm - 8pm Dinner: Gratis Free Food Cafe, 65 Great Great North Road. 6pm - 7pm TuesdayBreakfast - ACM, 11 Union Street, 8:30am - 11am ~ Lunch - Burgers,... Continue Reading →

Home is where…

Urban living in Auckland by Six He is built like a prize fighter, he is articulate and humble. His body is decorated with a lifetime of ink and if the lighting is favorable he resembles a young Vin Diesel. In another lifetime maybe he could have been an action movie star too.  But this isn't... Continue Reading →

Where’s the fire

Where's the fire? By H Sthompson hensonmistypooh@gmail.com Ever thought of being a career firefighter? Roger Callister, Assistant Area Commander, New Zealand Fire & Emergency Now is your chance, as The New Zealand Fire and Emergency Service is recruiting. Roger Callister, Assistant Area Commander, New Zealand Fire & Emergency, is a veteran firefighter with 41 years... Continue Reading →

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