A note from Bob

A friend of mine found this handwritten eulogy between the pages of an old book on the shelves of a vintage boutique on Karangahape Road.

A real man’s prayer.

So writes Bob.

Let me live o’ mighty master, such a life as man should know.

Tasting triumph and disaster. Joy and not too much of woe.

Let me fight and love and laugh. And when I’m beneath the cloves let this be my epitaphp.

Here lyes one who took his chances.

In the busy word of men, battled luck and circumstances. Fought and fell and fought again. Won sometimes but did no crowing. Lost at times, but did not wail. Took his beating, kept on going.

Never let his courage fail. He was fallible and human.

Therefore loved and understood by his fellow men and women.

Whether good or not so good.

Kept his spirits undiminished.

Never false to any friend, played a game until it finished.

Lived a sportsman to the end.

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