by VI, sistarsix@gmail.com

Issue XXIV

What you perceive is what you receive

Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one,” Albert Einstein.

If you control what people read, view or listen to, you control what people believe.

If you control what people believe you control how people behave.

Take a dodgy 1970s social experiment where two school groups of similar skill and talent were separated. Group A, were told they were gifted and treated accordingly whereas Group B, were told they were slow and learning impaired.

Although you would never get ethics approval to run the same experiment today, the social experiment showed that the group of students who believed they were smart, behaved like smart children and excelled in their studies. Group B, who were told they were inferior, performed poorly and struggled to achieve. However, in reality, there was little to no quantifiable difference between students and classes.

In a nutshell, what we believe, is what we receive. I

We all know people we dread to ask how they are because they are always miserable. They are in debt, they are ill, they lost their job, their partner ran off with the baby sitter. It seems life hates them and they can’t wait to tell you how much their lives suck.

Then we know the Positive Pete’s and the Cheery Marys. Their lives are constantly awesome. They get upgrades on flights, meet interesting and influential people, win money and just can’t seem to put a foot wrong.

What’s are the differences between these people?

Not many. If any.

Rudyard Kipling said, ‘if you change your perception of the world, the world will change it’s perception of you.’

So what is perception?

Perception is what you can see, taste, smell and absorb and interpret through your senses.

Yet we are all different and entirely unique. Not two people on the face of the planet will see the same colours, smell, the same scents or hear the same sounds. We will all have similar experiences but no two people ever experience life exactly the same. We might agree that the daffodils are yellow. But we all see a slightly different version of yellow. Then when you take in our cultural connection to yellow, our emotional and physical connections and the experience of picking the flowers becomes and even more unique experience.

But what about absolute truths?

I’m glad you asked.

There are none.

Truth is a perception.

Take two Generals for example. Now the Green General goes into battle with the Blue General and suffers major casualties.

The truth is the Green General had a bad day. But the Blue General’s truth is that he had a great victory.

Truth is subjective.

I tried to explain this to a friend recently who adamantly swears her truth is that she suffers every day from the pain of childhood sexual abuse.

The pain doesn’t exist. She creates it every day and allows the suffering of her youth to imprison her today.

I’m sure the pain of abuse at the time was very real. But by wallowing in self pity today she empowers her tormentors. By dwelling in self loathing she stunts her growth and impedes her personal growth and prosperity.

She could choose to leave that shit in her past. Make a conscious decision to say yeah, that stuff was unpleasant. I was hurt. But those feelings don’t exist anymore. My friend, and many many people choose to define their lives by illness, bad experiences or negative predispositions. But it is the victims that continue to recreate those images, experiences and traumas.

Yesterday is nothing more than a picture in a photo album, a memory or message on social media. Yesterday doesn’t exist.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist. It is a hollow promise that one day will never come.

Their is only, ever has been only now. Life is a series of nows.

Now, you can choose your reality.

What you perceive, is what you receive.


My dad tells me journalism is dead because all the news is on the Interweb now.

“Who the fornication do you think writes the online content,” retorts I.

“Anyone,” chuffs he.

I’m sad and angry because mostly he’s right.

Publishing has historically been the domain of printers publishing personal political agenders, merchant news and shipping schedules.

Publishing has traditionally been expensive. And that’s before you consider remunerating your content creators.

Today we have a smorgasboard of cheap and free publishing platforms in our pockets and new ones fighting for attention every day in new and colourful ways. A $50 Supermarket smart phone has more processing power than the technology used to put people on the moon. And whadda we use it for? Cat videos.

News Papers were originally in very short supply and copies of a single issue would be circulated throughout the community.

In Medievil times travelling story tellers would often tell tales in exchange for currency or kind in the town square.

Stories inform, empower, educate and entertain us. However, a good story, does not neccesarily make for good journalism.

The definition of a journalist has become so blurred that bloggers can win media awards and opinion pieces dominate our papers. Community papers for community people have been usurped by glossy advertorials funded by retailers for retailers. I think the only people who read Verve and Ponsonby News are the advertisers.

Dad is right not just anyone is reporting, everyone is. Professional PR scribes not only dominate media they drive it.

The internet was created as a reliable method of exchanging ideas and theories, papers and reports between universities.

Now it is a platform for porn, tawdry hook ups, narsacism and Netflix.

That’s why now more than ever we need independent objective journalism and funds established to support investagive reporting.

Journalism is not dead because journalists are not dead.

Your support enables the K’ Road Chronicle team to keep bringing you stories of relevence and meaning to our community and offer a voice for the downtrodden, destitute, dishevilled or Paul.

The K’ Road Chronicle is a not for profit paper first publisher of original content written by trained journalists.

The K’ Road Chronicle and her contributors subscribe to the International Journalism Federation ethics and code of conduct and the Doc Martin school of ettiquite.

Thankyou for your support, koha and trust.

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