K’ Road Chronicles web series

by Six

The K’ Road Chronicles web series happened almost by happenstance.

Award winning director Naashon Zalk and I met at a mutual friends birthday party.

I knew who Naashon was from his work with Al Jazeera. He pretended to know who am.

Fast forward six months and Naashon and I cross paths and discuss the plight of the homeless.

Naashon was looking for a vehicle to tell their stories.

Long story short we turned a popular fringe paper into an award winning web series.

I’m very proud and humbled to be trusted to tell the stories of people who are often talked about instead of listened to. It is a privilidge I take very seriously.

This is possible one of the only, if not few, opportunities these people have had to tell their tales.

Thank you to everyone who shared their story and to the people who watch.

We can change the world with one small act of kindness at a time.

One thing I have learned through my work with the homeless and being homeless myself is that we all will experience tragedy at some time in our life.

If you do not have the emotional support and resources to cope, it is very easy to slide into dispair.

A bottle or needle, bong or pill can become a very comfortable crutch.

Thank you to Top Shelf Productions, Commisioning Editor Carol Hirschfield, Stuff and New Zealand on Air.

I hope you hate this series.

I hope you hate it so much you are motivated to help end homelessness, poverty and disparity.

As broadcast by http://www.stuff.co.nz & http://www.tvnzondemand.co.nz

Produced by Top Shelf Productions and partially funded by New Zealand on Air

Directed by Naashon Zalk

Presented by Six



Kieth, homeless addict


Until recently Mickey Rat was sleeping in a grave yard


Nicola, Auckland City Mission Outreach Worker


Gloria, Homeless Sex Worker


Te Huia, Merge Cafe Volunteer


Ben and Buddy the dog


Six is burgled


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